Cruise Guide To European Travel


A lot of people have explored Europe by touring around it, which is a good idea. However, it has become no secret that the very sweetest way to experience the magic of Europe is by cruising. Going on a cruise by sea is cheaper than touring, as cruise prices are normally inclusive of accommodation, feeding, enjoying theater performance, classic kids clubs and other activity are all encompassing in your fare. One of the most frequently asked questions is where to start from when going on European travel. There are a lot of places to explore so starting from Western Europe is not such a bad idea while you also get to see other places as well.

Points Of Interest

Western Europe

The Western Europe consists basically of Dublin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Belgium, Edinburgh, and one of the most beautiful places to visit is the Tower Bridge, Southampton, and Dover.

Eastern Mediterranean

You can enjoy a beautiful cruise here coming from Western Europe. This region includes Croatia, The Greek Isles, Turkish port (Izmir), and Italy’s Venice.

Western Mediterranean

Going on a European travel through this place, the Italy’s west coast comes across as the most scenic spot. And as you advance further west, the glorious cities of Lisbon, Barcelona and the glittering French Cote d’Azur await you. To read further information about Western Mediterranean, click here.

Baltic and Northern Europe

You might get two distinct itineraries here. There is the Northern, which takes you through Norway’s west coast, the enchanting Iceland and Greenland. You may also opt for the Baltic region where you would have to go through Helsinki, London, and St Petersburg. Europe is pretty big and it is virtually impossible to go on European travel and explore every single place at once. However, once you have put your itinerary intact, you will need some guild and here are they.

Cruise Guide To European Travel

Points To Remember


Planning your travel is of essence. You can plan to sail from April through June or September through October if you do not like the idea of large tourist crowds. Plus, it’s cheaper during this period. However, July and August is odd for some destination, because restaurants and also some attractive places are shut down due to annual vacation.

Strategise Your Sightseeing

There are different beautiful places you might want to see at once, so plan properly. Once you arrive in a location, head to your planned activity for that place and remember you probably have just one day to spend in a particular destination.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You may consider carrying with you some comfortable shoes as the cobblestone streets which are ubiquitous in Europe will have no mercy on your feet.

Taking Your Family

Going on a cruise with your family is such an enjoying one to make. This is becoming more popular in Europe as there are different activities lined up from Kids clubbing, Carnivals, Family Lunch in a beautiful restaurant and many more.

Shop Smartly

It is very normal to want to buy some beautiful things as you get to different destinations; however, it is better to shop locally as the attraction of souvenirs may eat into your projected cruise expenditure. You can get great buys like wine in Italy and France, cheap quality chocolates in Belgium and even locally made ceramics in Stockholm.


Going on a cruise in Europe with a proper guide is one you won’t regret as you get to different destinations, visit the beach and parasail as well as sample some local cuisine. Thinking of your next cruise? How about you think Europe? Read further information about discovering the best European trip by clicking at